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Incomplete OOC list.

character relationships.
Her other half, the person that's always there, and the person who makes her most mental in the world.

Jarod-It's complicated.
The lover, the boyfriend, the best friend. Parker is rather in love with Paddy but will never admit it. She'd totally kill for him and die for him. Yes, even with her feelings for Jarod.

Paddy-He knows the best surprises involve guns.
The former warden; and the person most like Parker on the barge. Now drinking buddy

Denise-The Warden with no Tact.
One of the first people aboard the ship Parker got close to, she counts Shego as one of her best friends, and really one of the few girls she's ever had as friends.

Shego-The Green Girl she'll cut you for.
Judas is one of Parker's best friends and she totally looks out for him, ever since they lived through the zombie port. Somethings just make you friendly.

Hey Jude, don't be afraid.
Adam is one of the few people aboard the Barge that Parker liked from the beginning, and he's totally one of her rocks.

Adam-Poker buddy.
Ever since the kid flood, Five and Parker have had an odd relationship, where he's kinda a surrogate Sydney for her. Well, other than the fact that they totally had sex during the amnesia flood.

Fifth Doctor- Surrogate Syd.
Like many lost little girls, Parker has a thing for collecting others. After the two of them faced very similar things both in life and in the Haunted Hill port, the two of them have gotten close.

Laura-The Lost Little Girl.
Parker and Aleera had a really casual thing for a while and then Aleera graduated and Parker took that as a serious offense. Then they talked and things went back to normal until Parker and Paddy hooked up, because damn it, sometimes Parker feels feelings.

Aleera-The Scary Ex.
Parker actually has a great deal of respect for Una, and has since Parker and she were going to go get McCoy back from EvvvvvvillllKirk during the Mirrorverse flood. She definitely likes her more than she'd admit.

Una-The Timetraveler chick who's not a Timelord
Bonding over hating manipulative people who use mind control; Parker likes Sveta a lot more than she'd admit, and finds the woman to be amusing and charming as hell. She'd count her as a friend.

Sveta-Someone needs to teach Parker to be nice.
Coming out of the Carnie flood, Parker and Claire had a talk based on some things that Adam had told her about her world, and Parker admitted some things that no one knew other than Jarod and Denise who had her file. Now she finds herself friends with her and is shocked by it/

Claire-Where'd this come from?
In something else from the Carnie flood, Parker and Angelica were good friends, and then later decided to stay friends. Angelica is one of the people Parker will count on for her back.

Angelica-Old Time Friend.
Parker likes and respects Sexby and has a new found apperication for the fact that he can handle Judas.

Sexby-How the hell do you do that?
Favorite snarky one.

Snape-Often says what Parker's thinking.
Manly poker gang doesn't seem to have been active in a long time, but Parker still likes and respects West. For a time he was one of the few people who could tell her to cut it and she would.

West-old school friends.
Another member of the zombie crew and the manly poker game, Parker is fond of Billy.

Billy-Not that horrible.
Arthas confused the hell out of Parker. She just doesn't get why he's not rude to her or why he warned her to leave before the riot.

Morgan totally has won Parker's respect.

Morgan-A hell of a gal.
Damon. Parker likes Damon against her better judgment.

Damon-Random circumstance.
Someone else Parker likes against her better judgement.

The kids alright.
Parker wants to punch Randal in the face with her gun, but thinks somehow this would only encourage him.

Randal-Shut your fucking mouth.

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