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Open spam

[Parker is a slow loris, and she's trying to avoid being seen as she heads down the hallway to the kitchens in order to find some fruit. Of course, she's hard to miss as Parker, because this adorable little climby creature is swearing like a sailor.]

I am going to fucking kill the Admiral. I'm going to kill him, then wait for him to come back, then kill him again.

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Hoffman is not having an easy time with being an animal.

He doesn't have an easy time with these sorts of floods, but this one's interesting. Even though he's a poor example of hyena, he still has hyper senses. He can still sneak up on things and he's riding a wave of animal instinct.

Hunt, sleep, Eat.

And look. It might be swearing but it's small and not a predator right? Right?

So he's applying all of his hyena power to following the small furry thing around.

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Ever see a hyena look nonchalant?

That's what he's managing at the moment. Looking nonchalant.

"Who's following?"

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"It's a public hallway!" So says the hyena licking his lips, "I can walk where I want!"

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Hoffman's only response is a barking laugh, "I'll be good. Promise."

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Sirius-as-Padfoot is dogging it around the Barge to see if there are animals in need of assistance. When he finds someone, he switches to Sirius to open doors or lift tiny animals from crevices or whatever else needs done.

He's bounding down a corridor near the kitchens because running is fun when he sees Parker. He slides to a halt and gapes at her, as best a dog can gape.

"Parker?" No one swears like Parker after all. He tilts his dog head to one side. "What the hell are you? A monkey?"

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"Are you fast? Do you want a ride somewhere? I've never seen such big eyes! You're kind of cute, in a bizarre sort of way." He crouched down so he was more at her level, since he was still an enormous dog and she was a little...whatever she was.

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"John? I doubt it. Why would he?" He didn't see what the big deal was. Parker was a Warden, he would only be helping her get there. It wasn't like he was breaking into the place. "He'd probably be glad I'm doing something useful with my ability. The only reason I have it back is thanks to him."
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I'd say it kinda sounds like a lotta effort for someone we can't even find, but since it's the Admiral, I guess we can make an exception.

[Hello, Parker. Patrick the cape hare is just chilling in this corner looking sort of bored and a little grumpy, because opposable thumbs are things you miss more than you realize when you're suddenly turned into a lagomorph.]
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[Patrick laughed quietly, watching her roll her fingers and feeling just the slightest bit jealous that he's stuck on all fours for the foreseeable future.] How'd you work that into your deal?
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So, when you're done, you seriously get to meet the guy and punch him in the face? [Patrick is so impressed right now.]

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[And her ranting is good for a coonhound's ears to pick up. At least he can talk to animals during this.]

I think that would be best done during a piranha breach. [He gets near her and sniffs.] Would you like a ride?
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Everybody'd get their go, though. [He straightens up, but immediately flops down beside of her, long ears dangling and his legs sprawled out behind him.] This is Kay, by the way.
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[So, so hard not to lick. It is so hard. Especially when the hand is so tiny and it's in between raising up prey instincts and wanting to treat her like a puppy. This is a stupid stated to be in.]

I'd think so, too. [The ears would be a lot more comfortable.] But at least I'm one of the ones that don't stop chasin' even if I'm not one that stays latched on.

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