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Requests and reminisinces.

So, Paddy did that request thing, where once a week we'd try to do shit from other cultures or planets or whatever. I'm going to try that again if people have requests.

We're still not a fucking restaurant and unless we get Hannibal Lecter or something again, we're not chefs. We'll do our best.

[Private to Wanda]
You did good, kid. Do you play poker?

[Private to Sirius]
If you mention the fucking snuggling to anyone, I'll shoot you.


Thanks for taking me to the CES.

[Private to Kay]
So, we're pretty fucking much the same person, aren't we?

[Private to Atia]
So did you end up as a fucking cobra again?

[Private to Morrigan]
Your inmate wants to work for me in the kitchen. I think you should let it happen.

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Meatlovers Pi-

[He pauses. He's been thinking about this.]

What about Chicken Feta Soup (

You know what would be really good? Like delicious? Moussaka.

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What? Damn. No cookbooks in the library? Hell, I'll make it. You have any openings in the kitchen? I'd kill for some of that.

One vegetarian and one regular. My foster mom had a hell of a recipe

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Rovie. Or anything Gallifreyan, really.

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It's an animal. ...And I suppose you'll have to ask Omega. Or the Admiral. I don't know how to cook.


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I don't snuggle and tell. Besides, who would believe me?

And you're welcome.


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It's hardly extravagant, but curry on rice would be nice.

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Thanks! I learned a few new recipes, too. Maybe one would be suitable for theme night.

I'm not the best poker player, but I like it. Why d'you ask?


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most_feared: Please don't use.    Screencaps @ and (k - this little red light)


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I can't wear high heels.

[Of all the things this man can do...]


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So long as precautions are taken against the use of anything harmful.

He can be particularly creative...

Re: Private:

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Re: Private:

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Klingon food is unpalatable for humans. [This is way of asking, but if he didn't know Parker, he'd never gone this far.]

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You guys use gloves when preparing the food, right?
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You know, I think I'm going to start doing scones on Sundays.