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Poker? Drinking?

[Private to the Admiral]
Give Atia back her room, please. Restore it to how it was when she came aboard. You can return all of the stuff she picked up in other worlds to me and I'll restore some of it to her personally.

Also, give us the weird alien shit that people asked for their weird alien meals. And that recipe that Rass wanted. But do it in weird circle language. He wants his shit, he's going to need to work for it.

Do they actually get to go home or heaven or wherever the fuck ever? Are they fucking alright once they leave?

Fuck I hate it here.
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Both, I think.
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Well, thank you. I suppose it's good to know that should I ever start aging normally again, it will at least go well for me. Although it appears that my knees are somewhat the worse for wear.

How are you doing?
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I know what you mean.

It wouldn't have been so bad, really, had everything not all happened at once, within the span of what, a week?

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I think I need a brandy.

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Well, at least I know I age well. But my joints hurt and I'm cold.

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Better be some pretty goddamned strong tea then. Ugh.

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[Young Hoffman is grinning ear-to-ear. He heard alcohol. Alcohol, hot woman, and waking up in his twenties? Today was a good day.]

Is that an invitation?

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[He spreads his hands] You said the two words that are pretty much guaranteed to have a guy come running like a dog to a food bowl.

Unless. [His eyes narrow] That's an invitation only for wardens.

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I'm your employee. Doesn't that mean we're friends?

I could be a good friend. I could be a damn good friend if required.

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Look at me, once more unaffected. All these bloody old folks and babies stumbling about. I preferred the animals.

I need to drink large quantities to make up for all the time I wasn't able to drink.

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After the dino-port. I had a con-something head injury and wasn't allowed to drink for ages.

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Yes, yes, yes.

Did I mention yes?
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I haven't played poker since 1939, but I'd like to join in if you don't object. I'm sure I could bring some sort of intoxicating beverage as a bribe.

Private: FORCED politeness.

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Thank you.