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Dear Admiral: Next time you put me in a fucking coma, I'm out of here. Jesus.

How long was I out of it this time?

[Private to Atia]

Alright, so you tried to get me to graduate you during the flood. What wouldn't you have done?

[Private to Una]
Jesus fucking Christ. Are you okay?

[Private to Shego]
It's been ages since I've talked to you, Green. What's going on?

[Private to Luke]
We never fucking talk about the flood, alright?

[Bad Ass Woman's Club (Gels, if you want residual Angie it's totally awesome with me.)]

I don't know about you guys, but I feel the need to do something. Just to get shit out of the air. Anyone got ideas?

[Poker people]
Game soon?

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Yes please game soon!

Also, maybe a bunch of girls should descend on the gym and spar and stuff. Make the boys think it's PMS Day or something.
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I'd be happy to.


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Yeah, that seems to be the go to reaction for pretty much everyone involved in that.


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Right, right.

Not sure if you saw the apology from before but if not, yeah.


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Now you'll never know.
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Uhh... Nothing survivable.


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Having kind of a shitty month, honestly. [Since when do you swear so much Shego.] You?


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You were in a coma? How do you feel?

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I've been better. I have so far managed to avoid punching Barron Sharpe in the face, so I consider that a partial success.

I could do with an excuse to blow things up, though, I don't mind telling you.

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Wanna go shoot the hell out of things?
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How soon?

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Pardon me.


Pardon me, but I think there must be some mistake, for I can read your messages.