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Video. Because you can't swear in Disney.

Apparently my fudging inmate fell over the fondant railing and is now floating around somewhere. Has anyone...

[An aside to someone off screen] Look. I flapjack told you that I am not a princess. Stop fermenting calling me that!

If anyone finds her let me fafafal know.

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[He's got birds just sitting on either side of him.] Yeah, I can find my fluffy inmate or Narvin either.



I swear to the sky I'm going to kick something right in its pantaloons.

...I'm surprised I got away with that one.
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I can't even make up words that work. See, I can say "plorking" now, but if I say the son of a grasshopper- AAARGH. I was trying to say "plork" there to replace it!

[The birds in unison ask What does "plork" mean?

He side-eyes one. Before bopping it into the tree beside of him. It sort of wobbles and spins dizzily with sparkles over it's head. Other bird giggles cheerfully at how funny it thinks this is.

Kay stares at his camera. Just.... stares.] Wanna bet she's a wicked queen?


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epic lols

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You have a most... unique language, ma'am. Are you one of the recent arrivals?

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I see. Allow me, then, the pleasure of welcoming you here. I would gladly show you around if you have need of it. Or, if you'd prefer, perhaps a glass of tea at our shop.
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Your inmate?
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You do look quite a bit like her.

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Fondant railing?

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Oh my...are...are you going to be alright? Nothing's going to...pop, is it?

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Geez, at least I'm not the only one trying to talk through this f--flailing filter or whatever. Floating piece of shoe.

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Yeah, me too. I figure it's because this place looks like it oughtta be in a flipping Disney flick or something, right? It's seriously starting to get on my fledgling nerves, though.

...I don't even know what that word means, yo.

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...well, that's going to get annoying.

I'll keep an eye out for her.


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It's something with the dancing language. I can't even say godsdog!


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/totally is a princess

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You aren't a princess? How sad.

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My lady! It has been so long since I gazed upon your fair face.

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You have the most atrocious language for a princess.