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October fucking 14th. We've still got fucking fifteen more days before things end. At least. There are times when I hate this fucking boat. In the mean time, some god damn advice.

1. Don't do anything voices, mirrors, faceless ghosts or anything else ask you to do. Don't make deals with them for anything, don't feed them, and don't give them fucking blood.

2. Keep a bottle of water and something to eat with you at all times. Self-fucking-explanatory. There's snack food out by the kitchen always. Fruit and shit. Use it.

3. Keep your journal with you. Yeah, I know how hot and cold it is, but do you want to be fucking trapped in the dark without it? The hell you do.

4. Buddy system: Fuck buddies, bathroom buddies, work buddies whatever. If someone is offering to be my fuck buddy, I'll consider it.

5. Do something fucking fun. I, for example will be hosting a poker game on the pool table on level seven if anyone's interested. So, come on over for that. If you do stupid I'll kick you out. But otherwise we play for chips, booze, favors.

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I don't think it's a good idea to entertain being...that sort of partner with someone just as a way of dealing with the current spooky goings on: in the scary moving pictures I have watched, that always seems to be how the inappropriately dressed teenagers get murdered.

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I'd be up for poker.

[Short messages. They are awesome.]
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I'll keep track of who I'm working with. [Especially after what happened with Wanda and himself. Even if he graduated, he still intends to work.]
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In re to number five, I'll be along. I'm not entirely close minded to number four, of course, but it seems irresponsible to broadly advertise.

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This shit getting to you already, Super Parker?


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[He has been entirely unfazed by the boat BS. Why? Azkaban. Makes some rust and creepy voices seem like nothing.]

I'm up for anything.

[Take that as you will.]
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Poker yes. The other, I'll have to respectfully decline. [He's joking too, but in a dry pragmatic kind of way.]

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Fifteen more days? How do you know that?

And it's interesting how Krynnish dates match to yours. Judging by the position of the moons last time I was in the CES, it's the fourteenth according to our calendar as well, of the month of Gildember, which makes tomorrow the Festival of the Eye. I believe this should be the year the three moons line up to form the eye, as well.
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I'd be interested in joining you for poker. [Distractions from the creepiness and how jumpy it's making him are good.]

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Man, I haven't played poker in forever. I'd definitely be up for playing...if you don't mind my joining in.
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[Opens mouth. Closes it. Clears his throat. Don't push your luck.]


[Damn damn damn.]

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[Can we assume Sherlock was bored, came down to play and proceeded to clean everyone out and now he's on a whole bunch of people's shit-lists?]