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Miss Parker ([personal profile] yourunichase) wrote2012-01-06 11:28 pm


You know what Admiral? You're a fucking asshole. Christmas is the one good time of year aboard this fucking boat and you put me to sleep for it.

What the hell did I miss? And thanks for the gifts.
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Are you sitting down?

... welcome back, by the way.
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Re: Private

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Well. Brace yourself, and don't say I didn't warn you.

O'Brien graduated.
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Not yet. Somewhat to my surprise, I find I'm not quite ready to go yet. I think I need to get myself re-oriented before I'm ready to leave.
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Anything is indeed possible, wouldn't you say?

Drink tomorrow night?
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Oh good. That means I can finally take care of something I've been meaning to do for a while.
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You. Assuming you're still interested, that is.
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Private (safe to assume a good time was had by all?)

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Brilliant. Will your room do?
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Sure as hell knocked you down for the count.
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Good to see you up, though.
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You are brilliant!!!!
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You're the best, really. It's so much like my old bike, it's bloody spooky.
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Only with the relatively safe confines of the CES, of course.
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That was terribly unfair of him. Unless you were that greatly in need of rest.

In either case: what might we do to make it up to you?
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That could certainly be arranged.
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I do hope you can at least say you aren't tired?
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Perhaps you should consider writing a book with your spare time...
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That is one of the more difficult aspects. That and thinking of what to write. And how to end things. And what to call it.

Still, I suspect you'd come up with thrilling stories.
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These were really just my experiences in writing my novel.
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I did! I keep forgetting who I've told. Anyway: it's very good. Extremely adventurous, and with a bit of romance as well.
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I'm afraid the girl dies, and our heroes have to dash off again to save Toronto from a giant metal spider, but we-...I mean: save Queen Victoria from assassination.
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Or, you can read it for yourself!
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Welcome back, Parker. I'm almost jealous that you managed to escape the mistletoe infestation for a while. Not jealous enough to ask the Admiral to knock me unconscious next December...but almost.

[And he also sends her a copy--edited by Pandora--of his personal Barge notes for the days she was in a coma.]
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You're welcome, Miss Parker. Sorry you weren't around this time...I missed you.
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Fine enough. Mr. Pink and I are getting along for the most part, and I'm pretty pleased with how things are working out with Jesse.

What about on your end?
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Right, well. Good luck?