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2. Says something, something about the chase.

[Video post, and Parker's sitting at the pool table on level six shuffling a deck of cards. For those who were invited, it's worth noticing this is where Parker used to hold poker games. It's been a while, but hey, maybe she's trying. At her elbow there's a glass with an amber liquor in it, and an ashtray with a cigarette burning away. From the amount of ash on it, Parker probably just lit it and left it going.

This was going to be a big speech, but after a couple of seconds of not being able to start it, she just says:

Fuck it. Poker tonight at eight. Be there or be square. We play for favors, wardens bring booze and inmates are on their best behavior. Cheating earns you the Severus Snape special. [Don't make Parker shoot you in the foot, assholes.] So does being stupid.

[A sigh and Parker locks eyes with the camera]

Don't get stupid.

[Then she flicks the settings on her journal.]

[Private to Kay.]
You and me are getting together before this if you want.

[Private to Narvin]
You're always invited, even if you don't fucking feel like coming.

[Private to the Admiral]
Look, give me someone before the end of the month.I'm sick and tired of waiting. Either give me someone or let me fucking go home.
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[Terse answer, because he's been having a hard week.] Pub?
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Two beers. CES. I want you to tell me every fucked up story you've got.
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One, then. I need the distraction.
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God yes.

I mean.

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[Dean has settled some since he arrived, but he's always been comfortable in his skin. He grins at her, encouraged by the laugh.]

Yeah. Seen worse, but seen better, too. A good ol' round of making stupid bets and getting cleaned out by people I don't know should just about do the trick.

[Dean is good at poker, but he's better at pool.]
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Oh, I'm a shark alright, but shit at cards. You tellin' me either we never played before or I finally get better?

[It's a gamble, bringing up the other him, but he's gotten used to the idea as he usually does - he's hoping it wasn't the wrong move, here.]
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Yeah? Who's more fun?

[He doesn't seem bothered by this particular revelation. It's possible he didn't make the connection, but not likely.]
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Oooh, how PC of you. [He's teasing, tone light and the wink he doesn't give audible in his voice; a moment later he settles, though.] I'll see you at eight. Bring your fun pants.
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I'll be there.

Having other things to focus on is beneficial, and poker is...orderly. [In a complex way. But the combination of math and bluff-assessment is rather like Gallifreyan life, and therefore soothing. Most others he'd try to pretend that there was nothing wrong with him at all, but he trusts Parker.]
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I could probably do with something other than doing handstands on the deck railing for fun tonight.
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Hey, it hasn't gotten me in trouble yet.
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I suppose I shouldn't turn up then.

[Not quite self-disparaging, he's not that mature. More bitter.]
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I thought you said I do stupid things all the time.
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I ...great.

[He's very taken aback.]

I guess I'll come, then.
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I can spare an hour.

[Has been Brax's nagging, pragmatic shadow since Pandora. Is tired and feels at the end of his thread. Needs some damned cards.]