yourunichase: (Lyle hand face)
Miss Parker ([personal profile] yourunichase) wrote2012-03-31 01:32 pm


[Lyle is sitting behind Parker's antique desk, and he's got his feet on top of it. At his elbow is a bottle of her best scotch, and it's missing a bit, which has probably been poured into the glass. On his left hand, he's wearing a glove, and he's got several files in his lap.]

So this is where my big sis popped off too. I wondered where she'd gone. [No you didn't, Lyle, shut up.]

Funny how priorities can shift.

I'm Mr. Lyle, and I'm going to be taking care of you for a while.

But not cooking. Let the staff do that.

Erik, I feel like we should talk.

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