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Miss Parker ([personal profile] yourunichase) wrote2012-04-18 01:07 am


So. I need to ask: do you people like food? I like food. Food is one of those things in life that make things better.

You know what else there is about food? Feeding this many people is a fucking bitch to do. There are a hundred fucking people aboard this ship (and yes, I'm counting vampires as people too) and that's a part of portions for three squares a day.

It's even fucking worse when you look at how many people are on each shift. [Parker ticks things off on her fingers when she mentions them.] Breakfast: Iroh, Hannibal, Lua. Lunch: Seven, Isaac, Jim. Dinner: Me, Wanda, Hoffman who graduated and Reaver.

In short? We need fucking bodies, people. Sign inmates up to help. Everyone pitches in and things get easier.

[Filtered to Iroh and Seven]
If people don't start to sign up, I vote sandwiches.

[Private to the Admiral]
Ramen. Give me a metric fuckton of ramen in case we need it. I'm taking a page out of Paddy's book.

[Private to Erik]
Where are you?

[OOC: Got the list of where people work from here ]

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