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Beware that smile.

Alright, for dinner, I'm going to break with the tradition of sandwiches. I think for one night only we're going to reward you with a real meal. Something simple. Suggestions?

[OOC: Parker is so very affected, and she's nice. Also, since her last post? Every meal aboard the barge has been sandwiches for lunch and dinner and porridge for breakfast until people actually work in the kitchen.]
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I'll accept anything from you, Parker. [Was that a slight double-entrendre? Might have been. FloodNarvin is loyal to Kay, but he's not above entertaining *thoughts*.]
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[So much embarrassment. So much.]

All charm aside, though, I do appreciate all the hard work you put into feeding us day in and day out.
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Aww... I mean, I don't eat solids, but that's real nice of ya'!
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Re: Video:

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People need something to hope for, I think.

[Such a meaningful facial expression.]
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It's about damn time we got some decent food on this tub.
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You don't need miracles. You just need to put your inmates to work instead of letting 'em lolligag around.

[And when Art is back from bitchland, he'll feel bad.]

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Still no help since the changes?
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[Small laugh.] You should try and bait in new comers.

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Cheeseburgers. French fries. And, ooh! Pasta. Maybe some onion rings, o-or pie. Cake?
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Sometimes I almost miss working in the kitchens.

[Gives him something to do, besides sucking at being a Warden.]

How about some firewhiskey?
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What shift do you need help with? I could use the distraction.

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I knew you couldn't stay mad.

[Look at his pretty smile.]

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Raw meat.

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This essentially means that Reaver only knows how to make sandwiches and porridge :|

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...This is going to be much more complicated, isn't it?
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I'd never turn down chicken soup. I might even remember my mother's recipe, if you'd like some help. [Here's a man somehow not tormented by his past. :c]

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