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Goodbye. (Voice post)

A good friend of mine, one who is a complete asshole [Snape] said that this place wasn't a home. He said not to treat it like one. Another friend of mine, who is not an asshole [Cissie] said that this place is your home while you're here. Both of those things are true. Treat it like home, but get the fuck out.

There was a long time when I just wanted to get the fuck out.

When I came aboard, I thought I died. I thought that Sydney had killed me in an explosion on the same level where I was born. This place grabbed me, and I spent a year telling people I wasn't going to fucking graduate. A year. I did shit I regret during that year. A lot of it. A lot of shit that frankly keeps me up some nights.

But then I got better.

People helped me get better. People who I cared about.

People who I fucking loved. [Parker has not publicly admitted to loving Paddy before, but he deserves it.]

I worked in the kitchen, I graduated, I got my first inmate and she almost graduated before she vanished. Then I got an inmate who made me want to rip my hair out in the form of Atia. And then I got Erik and I fucked up and left after the weird dream shit happened.

I fucked up.

I was here for a deal that would mean that someone else I loved wouldn't have met me, and because he didn't end up in my fucked up little life, he wouldn't have died. He wouldn't have been murdered by a group that was worried about my focus, and he would have gone on to have the good fucking life he deserved. Thomas Gates was the best man who I knew in my life before here, and he wanted me. He loved me, and wanted me, and I was going to marry him. He was going to be my redemption before this place was, and he was stolen from me. I'm not going to steal me from him.

I'm going home. It's time, after thirty-three months. I could have just left before, and not come back, but I know how much that sucks. So, I'm here to say goodbye. I'm glad that it's on this day, one more chance to talk to people who fucking mattered.

And you all fucking mattered.
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...oh, Parker.

[Uncharacteristic loss for words.]
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[She smiles at that and looks rather less stricken.]

I'm doing well. Very well, actually. I've been in London for a little over a year and I'm well into a revival of Private Lives.

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Thank you. For everything you've done here. It's been good. [ SHE'S TOUCHED EVEN THOUGH SHE ISN'T REALLY INVOLVED. ]

Good luck at home.
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Parker, do me a favor, would you?
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Take care of yourself. And if you stop by Truro, Massachusettes, stop in and see if there's a cranky old man managing the post office.

Be nice to him. He's lonelier than he lets on.
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Take care, Parker.
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If anyone deserves to go home, Parker, it's you.

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Lead a good life, Miss Parker. You deserve it.
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[They haven't spoken much, but Dean remembers his second day on the Barge, remembers that she knew a version of him. He's not him, not by a long shot, and he's not sure if that's affected their interactions since then, though he can't see how it hasn't. Still.]

Good luck. [He means it.]
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Can't say I went through the inmate grind, even though I'm... Half-expecting to get yanked back in here after I go, if the Sexbys are anything to go by. But I get where you're coming from.

End of an era, huh?

Been thinking of heading the same way, before long. Even if time stops still, you get to a point where you think back home's the place you're needed most.

It's been... Interesting, Parker.
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Miss Parker,

I had not thought I would know of you so soon...

Perhaps I should write that this news leaves me feeling sad. That it means reunion may never occur, should I one day return. But I know differently. I know that this is a good thing for you and to give lengthy prose upon this subject... I said what was needed when my time came to depart that place. More would only provide tears, not hope.

Turn your thoughts home. Go where you are meant.

Live your dreams, where before you could not.

In The Fondness Of Shadows,

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I don't suppose you'll stop by for one last game of poker.

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...was it worth it?
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[He's been pondering whether or not he should say something, send her off with something cruel and ruin her mood, or put his anger aside and wish her well, but he can't. He's still angry, and he's never been good at setting his rage aside. So he says nothing - it's the most kindness he can offer the little girl from her dream, who clung to him for protection.

Better to say nothing. There's two seconds of dead air from when he clicked on his audio before he decided, but it clicks back off without a word. Take care, Parker, because he won't say it.
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I will miss you, Parker. Best of luck back in your world.