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Jesus fucking Christ, no one tells you that this travel time shit gives you such a fucking headache.

What's been happening in the kitchen since I've been gone?

[A beat.]

How long have I been gone?

Privates: Erik, Kay, Seven and Iroh, Narvin,George, Arthas, Shego, Sirius, Wanda, Dick, Claire, Hoffman and friends I'm forgetting. )
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[Video post, and Parker's sitting at the pool table on level six shuffling a deck of cards. For those who were invited, it's worth noticing this is where Parker used to hold poker games. It's been a while, but hey, maybe she's trying. At her elbow there's a glass with an amber liquor in it, and an ashtray with a cigarette burning away. From the amount of ash on it, Parker probably just lit it and left it going.

This was going to be a big speech, but after a couple of seconds of not being able to start it, she just says:

Fuck it. Poker tonight at eight. Be there or be square. We play for favors, wardens bring booze and inmates are on their best behavior. Cheating earns you the Severus Snape special. [Don't make Parker shoot you in the foot, assholes.] So does being stupid.

[A sigh and Parker locks eyes with the camera]

Don't get stupid.

[Then she flicks the settings on her journal.]

[Private to Kay.]
You and me are getting together before this if you want.

[Private to Narvin]
You're always invited, even if you don't fucking feel like coming.

[Private to the Admiral]
Look, give me someone before the end of the month.I'm sick and tired of waiting. Either give me someone or let me fucking go home.
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So, Paddy did that request thing, where once a week we'd try to do shit from other cultures or planets or whatever. I'm going to try that again if people have requests.

We're still not a fucking restaurant and unless we get Hannibal Lecter or something again, we're not chefs. We'll do our best.

[Private to Wanda]
You did good, kid. Do you play poker?

[Private to Sirius]
If you mention the fucking snuggling to anyone, I'll shoot you.


Thanks for taking me to the CES.

[Private to Kay]
So, we're pretty fucking much the same person, aren't we?

[Private to Atia]
So did you end up as a fucking cobra again?

[Private to Morrigan]
Your inmate wants to work for me in the kitchen. I think you should let it happen.
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[Private to Parker]
Where the fuck are you?

[Private to Kay]
I need a list of what's missing from your safe. I want to make sure she didn't keep anything after her little trip.

[Private to Paddy]
You're going to be down two people for dinner. Sorry about it.

...Tomorrow too.
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[Private to Paddy]
So, Irish, where you at?

[Private to Angelica]
How's it going, Angie?

[Private to Howie]
Let's do our drink tomorrow.

[Private to Kay]
Still pissed at you.

[Private to Sveta]
Can I do anything for you, Sunshine? Provide excellent handcuffs?
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[Filtered to Parker's tough ass ladies: Shego, Una, Angelica, Sveta, Laura, Parker and Sarah]
How do you ladies feel about some poker?

[Private to Paddy]
I'm still fucking pissed, I think
Damn it, why'd you have to be such a fucking dick about this
If you were anyone else I'd kick your nuts up your throat
You're an asshole, but I still love you.

[Private to Kay]

How you holding up?

[Private to Judas]
You've been fucking quiet.


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