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A couple of weeks ago, I told people we'd do thanksgiving, but we'd do it as a home-cooking sort of thing. So, people, give me what you want for home cooking and I'll ask the Admiral for it. Simple and easy. From people other places than Earth, we're asking for your stuff too, and as with everything else we'll do our fucking best.

[Private to the Admiral]
Alright. I've given it my best try, but it's not fucking working. Unpair us, and give her to someone nice or something.

[Friends filter]
I've done it. I've unpaired myself from Atia. I need a fucking drink. And a reason not to leave.

[Private to Atia]
It's done.
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October fucking 14th. We've still got fucking fifteen more days before things end. At least. There are times when I hate this fucking boat. In the mean time, some god damn advice.

1. Don't do anything voices, mirrors, faceless ghosts or anything else ask you to do. Don't make deals with them for anything, don't feed them, and don't give them fucking blood.

2. Keep a bottle of water and something to eat with you at all times. Self-fucking-explanatory. There's snack food out by the kitchen always. Fruit and shit. Use it.

3. Keep your journal with you. Yeah, I know how hot and cold it is, but do you want to be fucking trapped in the dark without it? The hell you do.

4. Buddy system: Fuck buddies, bathroom buddies, work buddies whatever. If someone is offering to be my fuck buddy, I'll consider it.

5. Do something fucking fun. I, for example will be hosting a poker game on the pool table on level seven if anyone's interested. So, come on over for that. If you do stupid I'll kick you out. But otherwise we play for chips, booze, favors.
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Poker? Drinking?

[Private to the Admiral]
Give Atia back her room, please. Restore it to how it was when she came aboard. You can return all of the stuff she picked up in other worlds to me and I'll restore some of it to her personally.

Also, give us the weird alien shit that people asked for their weird alien meals. And that recipe that Rass wanted. But do it in weird circle language. He wants his shit, he's going to need to work for it.

Do they actually get to go home or heaven or wherever the fuck ever? Are they fucking alright once they leave?

Fuck I hate it here.
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So, Paddy did that request thing, where once a week we'd try to do shit from other cultures or planets or whatever. I'm going to try that again if people have requests.

We're still not a fucking restaurant and unless we get Hannibal Lecter or something again, we're not chefs. We'll do our best.

[Private to Wanda]
You did good, kid. Do you play poker?

[Private to Sirius]
If you mention the fucking snuggling to anyone, I'll shoot you.


Thanks for taking me to the CES.

[Private to Kay]
So, we're pretty fucking much the same person, aren't we?

[Private to Atia]
So did you end up as a fucking cobra again?

[Private to Morrigan]
Your inmate wants to work for me in the kitchen. I think you should let it happen.
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[Warden filter]

You know, I fucking hate warden politics. I try to stay out of this shit as much as I can but there are somethings I just can't let go on. For those of you who don't know, I was an inmate before I was a warden, [Like that wasn't evident in your last post, Parker.] and because of that, I find myself on one side of an issue more often than not. I've been holding onto this post for people to cool the fuck off, including me, but now I think it's really important and we need to talk about this.

My point from before still stands: there needs to be a fucking line somewhere. This point isn't about Nygma, and it's not about Snape, Mozenarth, Shego or anyone else involved with that incident. I am speaking now about a general fucking issue: invasion of inmate's privacy. I'm not just talking about rooms, I'm talking about filters, and I'm talking about people's very fucking minds.

I'm not talking about the personal-one-on-one warden-inmate relationship. I know not all tactics are going to fucking work on all inmates, and there are some who will need special circumstances. This isn't about that. This is about another warden becoming involved in the situation. When someone else does this to your inmate, it undermines the very thing that makes the Barge work. And it does work--you have fucking people here who showed just how much it works. Me talking to right the fuck now is proof that it does.

I'm also not saying that there shouldn't be some sort of peer review in the case of extreme circumstances someone's own inmate. Abuse, sexual relationships, violence, all of these things are things that wardens shouldn't do to their inmates. People should be shut down over that shit, and it shouldn't be one fucking person to do it. It should be us, working together as much as we fucking can.

I'm not an idiot. I know we suck at this sort of thing. But allowing precedent for this sort of thing is bullshit. We all know that if we let it stand, then some asshole is going to come along and do it again. And so it goes and so it goes until none of the inmates feel safe. And then it'll start on the wardens and people will be accused of defending their inmates which is what they fucking should be doing. It's what we all should be doing. Don't let this fucking stand.

We can't demote people. The Admiral is the only person who can fucking do that, and we know that he doesn't listen to us. But it is in our right to use other things we can do. We can call for a vote of no confidence in Edward Ngyma. What this would mean is that we don't accept him as a warden. I sure the fuck don't. His actions were what created this situation, and he screwed up. He should be punished for it, and we shouldn't rubber stamp shit because we're tired, or we're sick of this, or we want things to go back to normal. Fuck that. Let's all do our jobs here. Let's do our duties to our inmates.

[Bad Ass Women's filter+Everyone Parker's ever drank/played poker with. If you think you're on there, you probably are. People especially on there: Cooper, Sirius, Tosh.]

I don't know about you guys, but I could use a game of cards. And a fucking barrel of scotch. Anyone interested?

Robes, if you cheat, I'm going to shoot you in the foot. [Admission she's staying.]

[Infirmary filter]
Atia wants to work there. She's going to be a fucking pain in the ass and I'm sorry for it. You're going to need to watch her like a hawk, but she needs to learn compassion from somewhere.

If she gets too bitchy, schedule her for mornings and I'll come in and do it with her. Fuck.
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Why the fuck is there dirt in my mouth?

Where the hell is fucking Hoffman? Is his warden taking fucking care of this shit?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck you, Admiral.
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You know what, fuck all of this bullshit. We're grownups. I'm tired of this. Howie, let's you and I meet. I vote we meet with the two people who haven't been assholes about this: Angelica and Chromie. Do you agree?
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You know what? Fuck him. I'm not sorry. I was going to apologize and admit that I'd lost my fucking temper and try to explain why, but then I fucking see that he's stirring shit against me in a filter that I can't see.

Neil Howie was deliberately fucking provoking me into a fight. He called into question my being a warden even before this little tiff. He accused me and every fucking graduated warden of being corrupt, a criminal and a fucking being bad at doing their job. He accused us of being fucking wrong for our inmates.

He can go fuck himself. He was intentionally attempting to get me to snap when all I wanted to fucking do was talk to him about some of the shit that was going on.

And every fucking warden who shares his opinion of the fucking redemption process can fucking get the hell out of here too.

[Filtered to Graduated wardens.]

This is bullshit. He called us, all of us criminals, corrupt and said that he didn't fucking believe in redemption. Keep on your fucking guard around him. From everything he fucking said it sounds like his opinion wasn't exactly in the god damn minority. I gotta admit that I've felt like it before, but Howie'd fucking told me that he trusted us more than other wardens. Yeah, and apparently it's all bullshit.

He's nothing but a fucking liar. Also, he used details about my fucking file he shouldn't have. And details about your files too.

[Filtered to inmates]

This is what you have to look forward to. Congratulations. So much for the wardens believing in us, huh? Be wary, he had details from the files of myself and other inmates that he fucking shouldn't.

[Private to Aleera]
I want to talk to you.
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Tonight I found that fucking idiot Hoffman in level 8, room 11, Amanda Young's room. Guess what he was doing? He killed Amanda and had assaulted T'Pol and threatened to kill her as well. I subdued him with non-lethal force when he attempted to attack me, and then I dragged his ass to the infirmary so they could take care of the bullet wounds.

Someone needs to put these two on a fucking leash
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[Private to Parker]

You've been drafted to dinner work, darling. I'll make it worth your while.

[Private to Timelords]

I have a question to ask you.
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Attention Gumshoes. This morning at 08:00 hours, legendary thief was spotted in the library of the Barge stealing a priceless edition of A Christmas Carol with notes in the margins written by Charles Dickens himself.

[Have a video taken from a fisheye camera of a women in a red trench coat and hat stealing the book and seeming to vanish into thin air.]

Your job, gumshoes, is to track Carmen Sandiego to find the loot, then the warrant and then the crook. Best of luck, gumshoes

Do it Rockapella

Well, she sneaks across the Barge from the kitchens to corridors
She's the sticky finger flicher from hallway A to hallway C
She'll take ya on a ride on a slow boat to nowhere
Tell me where on the Barge is Carmen Sandiego


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