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Alright, for dinner, I'm going to break with the tradition of sandwiches. I think for one night only we're going to reward you with a real meal. Something simple. Suggestions?

[OOC: Parker is so very affected, and she's nice. Also, since her last post? Every meal aboard the barge has been sandwiches for lunch and dinner and porridge for breakfast until people actually work in the kitchen.]


Apr. 18th, 2012 01:07 am
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So. I need to ask: do you people like food? I like food. Food is one of those things in life that make things better.

You know what else there is about food? Feeding this many people is a fucking bitch to do. There are a hundred fucking people aboard this ship (and yes, I'm counting vampires as people too) and that's a part of portions for three squares a day.

It's even fucking worse when you look at how many people are on each shift. [Parker ticks things off on her fingers when she mentions them.] Breakfast: Iroh, Hannibal, Lua. Lunch: Seven, Isaac, Jim. Dinner: Me, Wanda, Hoffman who graduated and Reaver.

In short? We need fucking bodies, people. Sign inmates up to help. Everyone pitches in and things get easier.

[Filtered to Iroh and Seven]
If people don't start to sign up, I vote sandwiches.

[Private to the Admiral]
Ramen. Give me a metric fuckton of ramen in case we need it. I'm taking a page out of Paddy's book.

[Private to Erik]
Where are you?

[OOC: Got the list of where people work from here ]
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You know there are somedays where I just want to fucking shoot the lot of you.

Yes, we'll do Thanksgiving, we always have, we always will. Next week we'll put up a request board for food stuff. We're going to treat this as a home cooking thing rather than as an American thing. It's more fair that way.

[Private to the Admiral]
Give George a puppy. The kind he'd actually want. And all the stuff to go with it. Don't get cute.
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Poker? Drinking?

[Private to the Admiral]
Give Atia back her room, please. Restore it to how it was when she came aboard. You can return all of the stuff she picked up in other worlds to me and I'll restore some of it to her personally.

Also, give us the weird alien shit that people asked for their weird alien meals. And that recipe that Rass wanted. But do it in weird circle language. He wants his shit, he's going to need to work for it.

Do they actually get to go home or heaven or wherever the fuck ever? Are they fucking alright once they leave?

Fuck I hate it here.
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Alright until this shit is done, we're having sandwiches for dinner. And fruit. And shit you don't need to cook for.

Fuck this curse and my poor good damn hands.
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Alright, so as you know I'm in charge of the fucking kitchens now. We need more people. Sign your inmates up, or if you don't have a warden you can sign yourself up.

New people, I'm Parker, a former inmate. Deal with it.

[Filtered to Friends. Think, are. ]
Sorry for disappearing there.

[Filtered to Inmates]

Look, don't do stupid. You know you're going to get busted eventually, so leave the weapons with me and I won't fucking tell Rayne where I got them from. Do you really want her to come after you?

[Private to Bigger, added later]

We going to have a problem if I fight your inmate?

[Filtered to Una. Cooper. Sarah. Trip. T'Pol Chang and Slade and Snape. Added even later.]
Poker with Kay. You in?


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