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You know there are somedays where I just want to fucking shoot the lot of you.

Yes, we'll do Thanksgiving, we always have, we always will. Next week we'll put up a request board for food stuff. We're going to treat this as a home cooking thing rather than as an American thing. It's more fair that way.

[Private to the Admiral]
Give George a puppy. The kind he'd actually want. And all the stuff to go with it. Don't get cute.
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[The camera turns on, and Parker's in the fourth level staircase. There's blood everywhere. There's loads of it, splattered on the walls and pooling on the stairs, each step dripping blood onto the one below it. As the camera pans up the stairs you can see a body. It's Rinzler's body, and Parker pulls the camera up before you can see the wound in the throat, and that the man's hands are below his body.

She pans around the body, but not showing it as you can see the mine dirt turning into mud when it mingles in blood. There, on the wall is the Operator sign the Following Dark sign, which is a circle with a diagonal line through it. In the blood is Ardent's mini axe keyring.

When the camera turns back to Parker, she looks white as a sheet, and her eyes keep darting in all directions. Nervous fingers keep twitching towards her back and the Smith and Wesson she keeps there. Her voice is soft, and there's a nervous trace in it.

I need some fucking help here.
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Alright, so as you know I'm in charge of the fucking kitchens now. We need more people. Sign your inmates up, or if you don't have a warden you can sign yourself up.

New people, I'm Parker, a former inmate. Deal with it.

[Filtered to Friends. Think, are. ]
Sorry for disappearing there.

[Filtered to Inmates]

Look, don't do stupid. You know you're going to get busted eventually, so leave the weapons with me and I won't fucking tell Rayne where I got them from. Do you really want her to come after you?

[Private to Bigger, added later]

We going to have a problem if I fight your inmate?

[Filtered to Una. Cooper. Sarah. Trip. T'Pol Chang and Slade and Snape. Added even later.]
Poker with Kay. You in?
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You know what? Fuck him. I'm not sorry. I was going to apologize and admit that I'd lost my fucking temper and try to explain why, but then I fucking see that he's stirring shit against me in a filter that I can't see.

Neil Howie was deliberately fucking provoking me into a fight. He called into question my being a warden even before this little tiff. He accused me and every fucking graduated warden of being corrupt, a criminal and a fucking being bad at doing their job. He accused us of being fucking wrong for our inmates.

He can go fuck himself. He was intentionally attempting to get me to snap when all I wanted to fucking do was talk to him about some of the shit that was going on.

And every fucking warden who shares his opinion of the fucking redemption process can fucking get the hell out of here too.

[Filtered to Graduated wardens.]

This is bullshit. He called us, all of us criminals, corrupt and said that he didn't fucking believe in redemption. Keep on your fucking guard around him. From everything he fucking said it sounds like his opinion wasn't exactly in the god damn minority. I gotta admit that I've felt like it before, but Howie'd fucking told me that he trusted us more than other wardens. Yeah, and apparently it's all bullshit.

He's nothing but a fucking liar. Also, he used details about my fucking file he shouldn't have. And details about your files too.

[Filtered to inmates]

This is what you have to look forward to. Congratulations. So much for the wardens believing in us, huh? Be wary, he had details from the files of myself and other inmates that he fucking shouldn't.

[Private to Aleera]
I want to talk to you.
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Tonight I found that fucking idiot Hoffman in level 8, room 11, Amanda Young's room. Guess what he was doing? He killed Amanda and had assaulted T'Pol and threatened to kill her as well. I subdued him with non-lethal force when he attempted to attack me, and then I dragged his ass to the infirmary so they could take care of the bullet wounds.

Someone needs to put these two on a fucking leash
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[Filtered to Graduates: Marquis, Aleera, Snape, Paddy, Prefect, Judas.]

You know, I think if it had been any of us that have pulled this shit Narvin did, our asses would have been demoted. What do you think?

[Private to Prefect]
You have the right idea. This is bullshit.

[Private to Paddy.]
Let's go shoot shit.


Jan. 21st, 2011 11:00 am
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I have been giving a warning for swearing in front of my god damn kindergarteners.

I'm going to shoot something.

Oh wait! I don't have a gun!

[Private to Parker]

I know you're related to me, you're in my family photos. What are you doing?

[Private to Paddy]

What's your number?
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Well now that all of that bullshit is done...

[Added after, with Kota approval.]

Who can fucking cook a turkey?

[Private to the Admiral]
Alright, asshole, the last week sucked, but give us turkey's for Thanksgiving. Turkeys and all the things that goes with them. We need a good fucking meal.

[Private to Paddy.]
How much do you know about Thanksgiving?
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Alright fuck this place. You know what I remembered? We have a pool. Anyone care for some recreational activity to calm the fuck down?

If all else fails I've got beer and scotch and an item to get me in there.


Aug. 21st, 2010 05:22 pm
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One fucking person calls me Catherine Lyle, and I'll personally remove your larynx with a spoon and a smile.

Right, where the fuck are my people? Denise, Jarod, Green, Jude, Mulder, check in please.

I wanna get out of here.

Laura, you're Paddy's inmate, right?

[Parker is totally pacing in one of the rooms, but she's not stupid enough to go below alone. Spam this up if ya wanna. I may be going out for a bit this evening, but I'll tag when I get back.]
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No. No. [A clang here, because Parker has thrown the communicator where it bounced against her bed, giving a sideways view of Parker in a now too tight (and torn) suit. When she speaks, it's in an angry, smarmy tone.]

No. No. You have got to be fucking kidding me. After the fucking fear gas, now this. No. Fuck. Anyone but him.

[Parker screams for pretty much the entire sixth level to hear, and then she kicks her bed and is rewarded with a further tearing sound in her suit before she looks and realizes that the communicator is still on.]

God damn it!

[She stalked over to it and looked into it for a second.]

Fuck this place.
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Another fucking murder. It must be Friday. Jesus, what the fuck ever happened to TGIF guys?

[Private to Commodus.]

You stay the fuck away from Judas or I'll make you wish you had.

[Added to Aleera after Paddy spoke.]

So, are you pissed at me too?
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[Barge Filter]
Only the fucking Master could fucking find a place and make it fucking worse than the barge. You almost need to fucking respect him fucking for it.

Has anyone fucking seen McCoy? I think I need a fucking Doctor.

It's fucking awkward that by the fucking Barge's clock, my mother has now been fucking dead longer than I've been alive.

I fucking hate April 14th. I fucking hate it a lot.

[Parker's got an ulcer. Her ulcer is currently bleeding. This may or may not killer; I haven't decided yet.]
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This fucking hurts. What the fucking fuck? I feel like my motherfucking...

Right. Fucking ash. Lemme tell you something, you fucker who did this: I am going to find you and make it so that your teeth go flying out the back of your motherfucking skull and then I'm going to collect them, make fucking buttons and then when you come back to life, I'm going to skin you and use it to make a new fucking coat and put your teeth buttons on it.

I need more fucking pain meds. This hurts like a bastard.


How can this be fucking worse than being burnt to fucking death?
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So many fucking people leaving, so many new people fucking coming. I feel like I don't know who half the fuck you are anymore.

But if one more fucking person starts whining, I'm going to shove my heel into your ass up to my fucking ankle and make you lick it off.

Private to West.

You and me need to have a chat. An in person.

Private to McCoy

Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy fucking birthday or something.


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