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Poker? Drinking?

[Private to the Admiral]
Give Atia back her room, please. Restore it to how it was when she came aboard. You can return all of the stuff she picked up in other worlds to me and I'll restore some of it to her personally.

Also, give us the weird alien shit that people asked for their weird alien meals. And that recipe that Rass wanted. But do it in weird circle language. He wants his shit, he's going to need to work for it.

Do they actually get to go home or heaven or wherever the fuck ever? Are they fucking alright once they leave?

Fuck I hate it here.
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Morgan. Morgan's door has changed back to fucking Barge normal.

What. The. Fuck? It's Morgan! She's been here forever, how could she fucking go?
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Barge coma is just another way for the man in charge to fuck with us.

[Private to Parker's friends (especially the Tough Ass Women club.)
So did I miss anything important while I was dead to the world?

[Private to Parker.]
You. Me. Talking. I've got something for you.

[Private to Angelica]
Let's play with some fucking swords.

[Private to Laura]
A drink?
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One person makes a kindergarten crack....

Yeah, I know, a shit teacher. [Actually, she wasn't but that's beside the point.]

[Private to Paddy]

Where are you?

[Private to Parker]

Let's go for a walk.

Audio post.

Nov. 9th, 2010 02:20 pm
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[Private to Paddy]

You still around, Paddy-cakes? You've been quiet.

[Jarod's gone, officially. Parker is not a happy camper.]
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I hate floods like this. I've just got this weird fucking feeling in my stomach that I'm going to hate it more once I get wherever the fuck it's telling me to go.

[John, Parker's looking for ya and being an angry bitch about it. Sorry.]
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Well, it could have been worse.

Funny, you would have thought I'd forgotten how to do that when I became myself but I didn't.

So, everyone back in one piece? Genius boy, you fuck off too?

Angelica, you okay?


Aug. 21st, 2010 05:22 pm
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One fucking person calls me Catherine Lyle, and I'll personally remove your larynx with a spoon and a smile.

Right, where the fuck are my people? Denise, Jarod, Green, Jude, Mulder, check in please.

I wanna get out of here.

Laura, you're Paddy's inmate, right?

[Parker is totally pacing in one of the rooms, but she's not stupid enough to go below alone. Spam this up if ya wanna. I may be going out for a bit this evening, but I'll tag when I get back.]
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You know, I really don't feel affected this time. Thank god for that, I'm sick of the Admiral's bad driving skills.

[Parker is affected as hell. By the way, if your characters ask her her first name (which they will) her response will always get staticed or somehow drowned out. Otherwise, have at.]
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You've got to be kidding me. A year. I've been here a year. What has a year gotten me? Five wardens, a fucking boatload of trauma and bullshit. The only good thing about this place is that people from home aren't here.

And I'm not a fucking vampire. God damn floods.
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[There' a little click followed by the sound of satin sheets rustling and then a small, hopeful, sleepy voice.] Tommy?

[A little pause and then there is a large gasp before Parker starts yelling and raging and...sounding tearful?.] NO! No you have got be fucking kidding me. No. Damn it, I fucking got shot for my fucking father wasn't that enough?

I don't want to fucking be here anymore!

Damn it. Damn it. I want...

[Parker had gotten up to pace at this point and then she found the letter from Paddy.] No. Fuck you.

[And then a crunching sound as Parker threw the new communicator thing against the wall.]
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Where the fuck is Rube? No really. Where the fuck is Rube? If that fucking asshole has killed him, I'm going to fucking make him into god damn fucking dinner, I don't give a fuck.

Stupid fucking crazy fuckers doing crazy shit and people fucking leaving. I fucking hate this fucking place.

[Private, but hackable.]

Everyone. Always. Leaves. You should fucking know this Parker. Fuck this place.

[Parker doesn't handle losing people well at all, and it's now McCoy, Aleera (in her mind) Paddy talking about leaving, the kid thing, and now both Rube and Paddy and yeah... bad. She is probably going to get into a fight if anyone's interested.]
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This fucking place is too fucking quiet. Why aren't more of you fucking bitching about the port? I can't believe there's this little whining.

[OOC: In the interest of plotting, remember this book? So in the library. If you want your character to find it go nuts. I've decided he totally calls her Miss Parker in the text of The Loneliest Valentine
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So many fucking people leaving, so many new people fucking coming. I feel like I don't know who half the fuck you are anymore.

But if one more fucking person starts whining, I'm going to shove my heel into your ass up to my fucking ankle and make you lick it off.

Private to West.

You and me need to have a chat. An in person.

Private to McCoy

Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy fucking birthday or something.
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Awesome. I cannot fucking wait to get a warden so I can fucking graduate from here and I don't need to be around you losers.

Filtered to the people whom she knows are unaffected, based on Inara's forthcoming post, and inmates from Swing's filter.

I'm still me. Apparently people think I'm going to graduate. Do not fuck this up. Let them think it. If you see me in the hallways, treat me like you normally would. I've got a gun, I've got access to food and am going to stop by and bring some to where you are.

If I know you, I'll try to protect you as best I can. Keep your fucking heads down, and I know it's hard for you... but for fuck's sake, try not to do anything stupid. I know it'll be fucking hard for you, but I don't wanna have to deal with this.

Private to McCoy

I'm out wandering and I'm armed if you need me. I'm not giving it up when this is over, though.

[ooc: Anyone wanna run into Parker?]
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What the fuck is with this ugly ass sweater? Jesus. It looks like something Broots would wear.

Also, fuck Christmas.
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[Catherine has left Parker a photo, and a hand written in sealed in an envelope and tied with a bow. Parker's voice is very soft, and very, very filled with emotion.]


No. God damn it. Bring her back! What the fucking fuck was the point of all this? Why bring back our fucking loved ones when we weren't here?! This is fucking bullshit!

[The recording clicks off abruptly as it sounds like Parker hit something. Hard.]
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God damn it. There's one of those fucking tribble things in my room. There were three but I got two of them. I... I can't kill this one though. It's so cute and cooing....
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Well this is fucking fantastic. Another Warden. I don't suppose anyone has seen Barbie around? Fucking wandering off and not being seen since.


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