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[Warden filter]

You know, I fucking hate warden politics. I try to stay out of this shit as much as I can but there are somethings I just can't let go on. For those of you who don't know, I was an inmate before I was a warden, [Like that wasn't evident in your last post, Parker.] and because of that, I find myself on one side of an issue more often than not. I've been holding onto this post for people to cool the fuck off, including me, but now I think it's really important and we need to talk about this.

My point from before still stands: there needs to be a fucking line somewhere. This point isn't about Nygma, and it's not about Snape, Mozenarth, Shego or anyone else involved with that incident. I am speaking now about a general fucking issue: invasion of inmate's privacy. I'm not just talking about rooms, I'm talking about filters, and I'm talking about people's very fucking minds.

I'm not talking about the personal-one-on-one warden-inmate relationship. I know not all tactics are going to fucking work on all inmates, and there are some who will need special circumstances. This isn't about that. This is about another warden becoming involved in the situation. When someone else does this to your inmate, it undermines the very thing that makes the Barge work. And it does work--you have fucking people here who showed just how much it works. Me talking to right the fuck now is proof that it does.

I'm also not saying that there shouldn't be some sort of peer review in the case of extreme circumstances someone's own inmate. Abuse, sexual relationships, violence, all of these things are things that wardens shouldn't do to their inmates. People should be shut down over that shit, and it shouldn't be one fucking person to do it. It should be us, working together as much as we fucking can.

I'm not an idiot. I know we suck at this sort of thing. But allowing precedent for this sort of thing is bullshit. We all know that if we let it stand, then some asshole is going to come along and do it again. And so it goes and so it goes until none of the inmates feel safe. And then it'll start on the wardens and people will be accused of defending their inmates which is what they fucking should be doing. It's what we all should be doing. Don't let this fucking stand.

We can't demote people. The Admiral is the only person who can fucking do that, and we know that he doesn't listen to us. But it is in our right to use other things we can do. We can call for a vote of no confidence in Edward Ngyma. What this would mean is that we don't accept him as a warden. I sure the fuck don't. His actions were what created this situation, and he screwed up. He should be punished for it, and we shouldn't rubber stamp shit because we're tired, or we're sick of this, or we want things to go back to normal. Fuck that. Let's all do our jobs here. Let's do our duties to our inmates.

[Bad Ass Women's filter+Everyone Parker's ever drank/played poker with. If you think you're on there, you probably are. People especially on there: Cooper, Sirius, Tosh.]

I don't know about you guys, but I could use a game of cards. And a fucking barrel of scotch. Anyone interested?

Robes, if you cheat, I'm going to shoot you in the foot. [Admission she's staying.]

[Infirmary filter]
Atia wants to work there. She's going to be a fucking pain in the ass and I'm sorry for it. You're going to need to watch her like a hawk, but she needs to learn compassion from somewhere.

If she gets too bitchy, schedule her for mornings and I'll come in and do it with her. Fuck.
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Alright until this shit is done, we're having sandwiches for dinner. And fruit. And shit you don't need to cook for.

Fuck this curse and my poor good damn hands.
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Jarod, you fucking little cretin, I don't know how the hell you did this, but it's got your grubby little paws written all over it.

Let me the fuck out of here, Jarod, or I'm going to find your little red notebook and shove it so far up your ass your missing mommy will feel it!
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In light of all the stupidity going on, I'm going to avoid adding to it and just putting up a post for people interested in a game of poker. Wardens, inmates, open to everyone especially people who I normally play with.

I am just really fucking sick of all this fighting.

[OOC: Parker's three days away from a giant freak out and is trying to not do it. So this and avoiding telling what she feels are stupid assholes off. (Crane)]
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Is anyone else just fucking waiting for zombies to come out?

By the way, I may need someone to bail my ass out if one more stupid fundamentalist tells me or some kid that they're going to hell again. Right now I'm in a bar. Anyone want a drink?

And I'm not wearing a fucking costume.
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I'm going to find whoever took my 11 incher and I'm going to shove it so far up their ass!

[Parker is a sword swallower who's been with the carnival for two years. Everyone just calls her 'Parker'. And she totally doesn't bother with filters]
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Dear Admiral Fuckup:

You're a sadistic bastard. I hope you know that.

[Private to Laura.]

How are you doing since we got back? Do you wanna... have a drink or something?

[Separate Privates to Parker's people: Adam, Malc, Irene, Bela, Ned, Aleera, Jarod, more people that my brain is blanking on. If you think you should be here, ya are.]

Are you alive and out there?
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You've got to be kidding me. A year. I've been here a year. What has a year gotten me? Five wardens, a fucking boatload of trauma and bullshit. The only good thing about this place is that people from home aren't here.

And I'm not a fucking vampire. God damn floods.
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[Parker is sitting in front of her vanity mirror, and the camera is on her reflection. She keeps staring into her reflection.]

Do I look... pale to you?

[Parker doesn't look any paler than normal, but yay paranoia flood. She either thinks she's pregnant or a vampire or I don't know pregnant with a vampire. Possibly all at the same time. ]
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Fuck this place. Fuck it so hard.

[Parker has been watching the old vids of SIMs that Jarod's sent her over the ages, so she's in a pretty bad place at the moment. Bother her.]
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No. No. [A clang here, because Parker has thrown the communicator where it bounced against her bed, giving a sideways view of Parker in a now too tight (and torn) suit. When she speaks, it's in an angry, smarmy tone.]

No. No. You have got to be fucking kidding me. After the fucking fear gas, now this. No. Fuck. Anyone but him.

[Parker screams for pretty much the entire sixth level to hear, and then she kicks her bed and is rewarded with a further tearing sound in her suit before she looks and realizes that the communicator is still on.]

God damn it!

[She stalked over to it and looked into it for a second.]

Fuck this place.
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Another fucking murder. It must be Friday. Jesus, what the fuck ever happened to TGIF guys?

[Private to Commodus.]

You stay the fuck away from Judas or I'll make you wish you had.

[Added to Aleera after Paddy spoke.]

So, are you pissed at me too?
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[See Parker, see Parker looking adorable. See Parker looking adorable and squeaking for only animals to understand.]

Not even one fucking word.

[For those of you wondering Thisis what she is. Try that on her, though. I dare ya.]
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[Parker is a bit drunk. More than a bit. She's sitting on her bed in silk PJs, and there's clearly a glass in her hand. Next to her elbow is a picture of Little Miss Parker with her mother... whom she looks just like, so yeah, feel free to notice that the kid was her.]

So, is the entire fucking barge having god damn nightmares or is it just me?
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Dear all you fucking idiots:

You are drunk as a result of a flood. Shut the fuck up about it. No one wants to fucking hear you rant, whine, bitch, moan or giggle.

Spare us. The next person who gets all weepy drunk is going to feel my shoe touch their liver.


May. 18th, 2010 12:47 am
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Just so everyone fucking knows: that didn't fucking happen. No really, it just didn't.

If you call me Catherine I'll hit you so hard that your brain forgets it has speech centers.

Still... it was a fucking good time.

A good time we're never talking about again.
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Where the fuck is Rube? No really. Where the fuck is Rube? If that fucking asshole has killed him, I'm going to fucking make him into god damn fucking dinner, I don't give a fuck.

Stupid fucking crazy fuckers doing crazy shit and people fucking leaving. I fucking hate this fucking place.

[Private, but hackable.]

Everyone. Always. Leaves. You should fucking know this Parker. Fuck this place.

[Parker doesn't handle losing people well at all, and it's now McCoy, Aleera (in her mind) Paddy talking about leaving, the kid thing, and now both Rube and Paddy and yeah... bad. She is probably going to get into a fight if anyone's interested.]
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This fucking hurts. What the fucking fuck? I feel like my motherfucking...

Right. Fucking ash. Lemme tell you something, you fucker who did this: I am going to find you and make it so that your teeth go flying out the back of your motherfucking skull and then I'm going to collect them, make fucking buttons and then when you come back to life, I'm going to skin you and use it to make a new fucking coat and put your teeth buttons on it.

I need more fucking pain meds. This hurts like a bastard.


How can this be fucking worse than being burnt to fucking death?
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Well thank fucking god that's over. At least I can leave my room without having to worry about friends people I know punching me in the fucking face.

Denise, I need more fucking smokes.

33-Lol boy

Feb. 26th, 2010 03:41 pm
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How can I fucking be more girly as a fucking man. I don't get it.

Also, someone give me a fucking suit.
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I don't give a flying fuck about whoever the fuck it is that has everyone in a fucking uproar. It's just one more twisted fuck in an already fucked assortment.


Dear Admiral,


Edited Private to the Manly men gang.

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Oh fucking fuck this place. I am going to the nearest fucking pub and am not fucking movie until I fall off a stool or the Admiral fucking brings us back.

Also, fuck these stupid fucking hearts.

[OOC: Wanna bother her? Spam her here!]
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Christ, I should have fucking known something like this would have fucking happened as soon as that fucking Doctor chick mentioned it. God. Fucking ports. There's only been one fucking good one and I missed it.

All I know is that there better be a big, fucking bar.

I fucking hate this fucking holiday. At least there's no fucking Jarod this year.

[ooc: Last Valentine's for Parker? Jarod wrote a romance novel about her. Yeah. You can find the episode here on hulu. The end of The Loneliest Valentine goes:

"She felt consumed by a greater void--a dark and silent abyss as terrifying as the grand palace around her. But somewhere in the chilling blackness she caught a glimpse of a light. She remembered a time--the precocious little girl with a heart full of fire, a soul inflamed by passion and a smile that could melt winter into spring.

But the light was gone. The flame had died. Her past was taken from her by the soldiers of the great palace.

She would continue searching, hoping to rekindle the fire. Until then, she would always be the saddest little valentine."
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This has to be the most retarded fucking idea I've ever heard. Seriously. You people all need to shut the fuck up.

Private to Inmates:

Try going after me and I'll fucking remove your balls with my bare fucking hands. What the fuck are you fucks thinking?
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So many fucking people leaving, so many new people fucking coming. I feel like I don't know who half the fuck you are anymore.

But if one more fucking person starts whining, I'm going to shove my heel into your ass up to my fucking ankle and make you lick it off.

Private to West.

You and me need to have a chat. An in person.

Private to McCoy

Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy fucking birthday or something.
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What the fuck is with this ugly ass sweater? Jesus. It looks like something Broots would wear.

Also, fuck Christmas.


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