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[Video post, and Parker's sitting at the pool table on level six shuffling a deck of cards. For those who were invited, it's worth noticing this is where Parker used to hold poker games. It's been a while, but hey, maybe she's trying. At her elbow there's a glass with an amber liquor in it, and an ashtray with a cigarette burning away. From the amount of ash on it, Parker probably just lit it and left it going.

This was going to be a big speech, but after a couple of seconds of not being able to start it, she just says:

Fuck it. Poker tonight at eight. Be there or be square. We play for favors, wardens bring booze and inmates are on their best behavior. Cheating earns you the Severus Snape special. [Don't make Parker shoot you in the foot, assholes.] So does being stupid.

[A sigh and Parker locks eyes with the camera]

Don't get stupid.

[Then she flicks the settings on her journal.]

[Private to Kay.]
You and me are getting together before this if you want.

[Private to Narvin]
You're always invited, even if you don't fucking feel like coming.

[Private to the Admiral]
Look, give me someone before the end of the month.I'm sick and tired of waiting. Either give me someone or let me fucking go home.
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I swear to god the next time I go into one of these fucking comas, I am getting off this stupid piece of shit boat.

[Warden Filter]

I know shit happened while I was out, but I haven't gone all the way through shit to know what it is. But someone had my guns. They were fired recently, and I don't know if I'm missing ammo because of the restock.

Anyone got anything they want to tell me?

[Private to Atia]
You and me need a talk.


Oct. 21st, 2011 02:26 pm
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Atia, we're going. Come over and borrow something, and then we'll find you a shop later.

Anyone know what the gun laws are like in France?

[Parker's depressingly diminished friend filter. (If you think you're on it, you are]
Anyone want to do something? If I need to spend the whole time cooped up with my inmate I'd shoot myself.
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[OOC: Unexpected triggery content in the comments, based on the fact that she's talking about some of Atia's crimes.]

[The camera flicks on, and Parker looks like complete shit. She's got a giant bruise and a cut on her face, and the way she's moving suggest that she's got some bruising or other wounds that aren't viewable below the red flannel shirt. (Yes, you read that right.) In front of her is a glass and a bottle of scotch that is nearly empty. She's not wearing make up. This is probably the worst the Barge has ever seen her look. Ever.

When she speaks, her drunkness is evident.

So, my bitch of an inmate. [Parker frowns.] Got kidnapped by a fucking pterodactyl. [For a moment, Parker holds a straight face, and then she laughs. It's a barking sound, and the way her breath hitches afterwards gives away how much it fucking hurt to do that.] She got kidnapped by a fucking pterodactyl and I lost my communicator and I couldn't find her. Shit found me though.

[Parker gestured to her face, and then she took another sip of her glass.] I got my ass handed to me over a woman I want to strangle myself. I wonder if that's how Janey felt. Or Jessica. Or Laura fucking Croft. Or the Angel who fucked off right after he got assigned to me. Five fucking wardens before I got a good one.

I thought that I was going to be a good one. Turns out I'm a fuck up after all.

[She snorted, and then took another sip of her drink.] Two years I've been here. Well, close enough for it to fucking count. I didn't think I'd ever graduate. I was working towards it, and then fucking Jarod showed up. Turns out he saw me after I got shot. Turns out I had fucking life and all I needed to do was graduate to get the fuck out of here and back to it.

That was a year ago. I'm still here, trying to give Tommy his life back. [Parker touched her shirt, and she smiled a more gentle smile for just a split second, and then she looked back to the camera.] There are times when I wonder if he would fucking want me doing this. If he would want me being driven fucking crazy with someone I hate so that he could live.

I'm really starting to think he wouldn't.

[For a moment she doesn't say anything, and then she flicks the camera off with a disgusted sound.]
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In light of all the stupidity going on, I'm going to avoid adding to it and just putting up a post for people interested in a game of poker. Wardens, inmates, open to everyone especially people who I normally play with.

I am just really fucking sick of all this fighting.

[OOC: Parker's three days away from a giant freak out and is trying to not do it. So this and avoiding telling what she feels are stupid assholes off. (Crane)]
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Barge coma is just another way for the man in charge to fuck with us.

[Private to Parker's friends (especially the Tough Ass Women club.)
So did I miss anything important while I was dead to the world?

[Private to Parker.]
You. Me. Talking. I've got something for you.

[Private to Angelica]
Let's play with some fucking swords.

[Private to Laura]
A drink?
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In which Parker swears a lot in audio, just cause she can. )

Now that that's out of my system...

Private to Parker

Kitchen staff, dinner and I'll show you how to cook.

Private to Paddy
You bet your ass I remember.
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Seriously, if you want to fucking kill people, just shoot or stab them. This heart ripped out thing sucks.

I've died on fire and being shot and being disintegrated and this sucks the most.

The only thing good is that my damn hair grew back.

[Private to Parker]

What's your status?

[Private to Paddy]

You better be fucking alive.

[People in zero filter]

Are you all right?
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If it's not one thing it's a fucking nother.

Parker, Jude, Adam, I haven't heard from you lately.
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I am never going to get that song out of my fucking head. Ever. I think it might be fucking following me.

[Even now Parker is snapping her fingers to it; please shoot her.]

And uh... thanks for the Christmas presents, I forgot to mention that.

[Private to Parker]

Alright, now that I'm my normal self, how about we have an actual meeting in the pub?

[Private to Laura]

How's it going, kiddo?
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Alright fuck this place. You know what I remembered? We have a pool. Anyone care for some recreational activity to calm the fuck down?

If all else fails I've got beer and scotch and an item to get me in there.
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[There is a click and a movement, because Parker's come back with her journal in her hand, and has accidentally turned it on as she pulled her hand closer to her face. Her voice is a still sleeping mumble.]

Goodbye, Tommy.

[And then she stretched and looks toward the window and realizes... that's not her view.]

What the fucking hell?

[The communicator is dropped onto the floor and Parker moves over in PJs to try to open the window and can't clearly.]

Where the fuck am I?

[Barge amnesea will only last until she sees someone she knows. Then there will probably be more spam later when she talks to someone about how this place changed her so much she couldn't kill Brigitte. ]
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You know, I really don't feel affected this time. Thank god for that, I'm sick of the Admiral's bad driving skills.

[Parker is affected as hell. By the way, if your characters ask her her first name (which they will) her response will always get staticed or somehow drowned out. Otherwise, have at.]
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[Those people on the sixth level might here a large amount of swearing and possibly things getting kicked around. People who know her probably get why this is a huge deal.]

[Multiple people checking in is totally chill.]
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You've got to be kidding me. A year. I've been here a year. What has a year gotten me? Five wardens, a fucking boatload of trauma and bullshit. The only good thing about this place is that people from home aren't here.

And I'm not a fucking vampire. God damn floods.
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No. No. [A clang here, because Parker has thrown the communicator where it bounced against her bed, giving a sideways view of Parker in a now too tight (and torn) suit. When she speaks, it's in an angry, smarmy tone.]

No. No. You have got to be fucking kidding me. After the fucking fear gas, now this. No. Fuck. Anyone but him.

[Parker screams for pretty much the entire sixth level to hear, and then she kicks her bed and is rewarded with a further tearing sound in her suit before she looks and realizes that the communicator is still on.]

God damn it!

[She stalked over to it and looked into it for a second.]

Fuck this place.
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Where the fuck is Rube? No really. Where the fuck is Rube? If that fucking asshole has killed him, I'm going to fucking make him into god damn fucking dinner, I don't give a fuck.

Stupid fucking crazy fuckers doing crazy shit and people fucking leaving. I fucking hate this fucking place.

[Private, but hackable.]

Everyone. Always. Leaves. You should fucking know this Parker. Fuck this place.

[Parker doesn't handle losing people well at all, and it's now McCoy, Aleera (in her mind) Paddy talking about leaving, the kid thing, and now both Rube and Paddy and yeah... bad. She is probably going to get into a fight if anyone's interested.]
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Yes I remember my fucking name.

No you cannot fucking call me Angel.

Denise, I want a fucking drink and I want it now. Paddy, Malcolm, anyone else fucking want one too?

[Private to Five.]

[Something was here, but now it's not.]

[Private to Ned.]

[Something was here, but now it's not.]


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