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You know there are somedays where I just want to fucking shoot the lot of you.

Yes, we'll do Thanksgiving, we always have, we always will. Next week we'll put up a request board for food stuff. We're going to treat this as a home cooking thing rather than as an American thing. It's more fair that way.

[Private to the Admiral]
Give George a puppy. The kind he'd actually want. And all the stuff to go with it. Don't get cute.

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[All the amused grinning; Darwin has NO idea where this video feed came from or why it popped up on the TV, but he'll answer it anyway.]

Well some people just need a good solid hole in the head, ain't no avoidin' it; just gonna biiiitch an' bitch an' bitch otherwise.

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But you can fix that real easy; enough explosives an' ain't nothin' gonna be sayin' "boo" afterwards.

...Just makes collectin' on it afterwards hell, that's all.

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Put the gun down, Parker.

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Fairly sure that's still my name, love. Hi.

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[There's an amused looking young blond woman in Victorian clothes.]

Shoot me? But we haven't even met yet. Most people don't acquire such notions until after they've learned I'm a reporter.

Re: Video.

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Ruby Ogden, of The Times.

And I must say: in all of my travels, I have never come across a telephone like this. I assume that's why it was left for me? I usually only write about important people, but this is quite the invention.

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...My brother's a police officer. If he finds out I'm getting death threats from a crazed lady..

[pause] How are you doing this? On my phone?

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[pause] ...What, Maine? Chicago? where are you calling from?

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Please don't kill the kitchen staff.

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Actually doing fairly well. I miss you all like hell, but there's no way I'm coming back. And you?
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[Laura's smile is roughly a mile wide. Just...picture it as the icons I can access suck >.>]

Miss Parker!
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Wonderful. It's amazing here, I can't even begin to tell you...

[She's so excited.]

How are you? I've missed you so much!

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There's a sight for sore eyes.

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I'll take that as Parker for 'pleased to see you' and move on.

How are you?

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Miss Parker - nice!

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Dear Santa. Are you really talking to all these people too?

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Little Amelia Pond! Yes, of course I am!